The AA Visit – Awards

Following a successful visit by The AA on Wednesday 14th October 2015, I am pleased to announce we have been awarded a Silver Three Star Guest Accommodation Award.

Over the past 10 months, since taking over at the Lemon Tree we have been working hard to achieve a higher standard of accommodation, and service, which has now been recognised by a prestigious national company, The AA.

Not only have we been recognised for our accommodation , we have also been awarded a 2015 Dinner Award. Being a restaurant with rooms, this is recognition of the food serving we are working hard to improve menu after menu. When designing each of our menus we attempt to follow some very simple guidelines. We always produce fresh, seasonal, well seasoned produce, but most importantly, everything we serve is as local as we can get. Featuring on our Autumn menus is Mutton & Beef from a farmer based 4 miles from The Lemon Tree in Minera. Our salad and herbs are sourced from another local farmer from Minera. Cheese is procured by an independent cheese monger working out of Wrexham Butchers Market, and Ice Cream is made just 6 miles away by Woodland of Erbistock.

My team and I are extremely proud of our achievements over the past 10 months. Lets see what the next twelve months brings!!

Thanks for all of your support.

Sam & The Lemon Tree Team

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